About Us

Providing solutions and services to The Confectionery / Nutraceutical / Bakery and Snack Food Markets focusing on Processing, Packaging and Automation TECHNOLOGIES

Main Services

Delivering Process and Production Solutions.

Multipack Snacks & Biscuits

Automated Solutions

We provide sales and service resources for specialized manufacturing and processing equipment used to deliver the most advanced range of innovative products for the confectionery, nutraceutical, bakery and snack food markets.

Candy Moulds

Snack Food

  • Starch depositing services for mogul lines

  • Kitchen equipment for all confectionery products

  • Moulds and airflow mouldboards for mogul lines

  • Vision inspection system

  • Dry rooms for soft confectionery

  • Manifolds for confectionery and bakery

  • Continuous aeration systems

  • Process, packaging and automation solutions

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