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ECC Control Systems

Elk Grove Village, United States

ECC Control Systems has been revolutionizing the industrial process control systems sector since 1983. With a strong foundation in the metal finishing industry, ECC expanded its expertise into candy manufacturing, offering custom-engineered solutions for starch-molded gummi and jelly curing.

Today, ECC Control Systems is a trusted name in the food industry, partnering with Makat/Syntegon to provide true turn-key solutions for gummi production. Their commitment to innovation, customer success, and advanced aeration technology has cemented their position as a leader in the food manufacturing domain.


ECC Control Systems


Elk Grove Village, United States

Product Range

Curing Rooms, Plant Infrastructure, Metal Finishing


Candy Manufacturing, Metal Finishing


Custom-Engineered Solutions, Planning and Consultation, Installation and Integration, Maintenance and Support

Transition to the Candy Manufacturing Space

By the late 1980s, ECC had applied its expertise in industrial process control systems to the candy manufacturing space, delivering custom-engineered solutions to meet customers' needs. Since then, ECC has installed over 250 curing rooms throughout North America, becoming a leader in the industry.

The Secret to Success: Engineering and Partnerships

ECC's reputation is built on a solid understanding of the curing process and a strong engineering background in the HVAC equipment and controls used for starch-molded gummi and jelly curing. This reputation has led to a strategic partnership with Makat / Syntegon, offering a true turn-key solution to gummi manufacturing.

Curing Rooms

Curing rooms have been ECC's expertise for over 30 years. Each project is tailored to the customer's production needs and designed to fit almost any footprint.

Metal Finishing

ECC Control Systems specializes in integrated control solutions for the metal finishing industry, enhancing operational performance with customizable dashboards, precise system control, and real-time notifications.

Plant Infrastructure
ECC provides innovative process and industrial engineering services for gummi and jelly manufacturing applications. Each solution is designed to optimize your existing footprint without sacrificing production or quality.
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Air Handlers   Rooftop Unit 4
Air Handlers   Rooftop Unit 7
Air Handlers   Rooftop Unit
Air Handlers   Rooftop Units 2
Air Handlers   Side With Panel
Chillers   Chiller 10 3
Chillers   Chiller 17 4
Chillers   Chiller 8 3
Compact Mix
Control Systems   Closed Panel 4
Control Systems   Controllers And Expansions 2
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Control Systems   Curing Room Controls 4 2
Control Systems   Dashboard 4
Control Systems
Cooling Tower 2
Cooling Towers   Rooftop Installed
Cooling Towers   Small And Large Construction
Cooling Towers
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Ecc Keyvisual B Highres
Metal Finishing
Pumps   In Line Pumps
Pumps   Mezzanine Pumps
Pumps   Pumps 4
Starch Mogul
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