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Sturtevant, USA

Since 1981, companies around the world have trusted Spee-Dee fillers and checkweighers to improve efficiency, productivity and profitability. Since the Spee-Dee volumetric cup filler was invented in the 1940s, we’ve acquired companies and integrated new technology to achieve accurate, reliable filling and weighing—every time.




Sturtevant, USA

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Gummy Packaging Systems


Gummy Products

Fast, Hygienic Filling and Weighing Solutions for Gummies

Fast, Hygienic Filling and Weighing Solutions for Gummies

Fill gummy products with confidence with Spee-Dee’s simple, safe and hygienic filling and checkweigher solutions. Our equipment prevents product contamination and is designed with safety and sanitation in mind.

Optimize your operations with faster fills and changeover rates with Spee-Dee’s simple and reliable gummy packaging system.

High-speed, Accurate Gummy Filling

Achieve fast, accurate fills with Spee-Dee’s gummy filling solution. Easily integrate a multihead weigher which ensures reliable, consistent and accurate counts each and every time, fill after fill.


Spee-Dee’s patent-pending product streaming system allows for high-speed container filling.

Spee-Dee’s patent-pending baffle streams gummies without clumping

  1. The weigher deposits gummies into the slide ring pocket
  2. Pocket dividers separate the product
  3. Slide plate strings out gummies
  4. Funnel baffle removes any remaining clumps

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