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Treiber Trays


Treiber Trays is the leading provider of starch trays for the confectionery industry. For over seventy years, customers in more than 100 countries have trusted the use of Treiber Trays when operating their mogul plants


Treiber Trays


Heidelberg, Germany

Product Range

Plastic Starch Trays for Mogul Plants


Confectionery, Nutraceutical, Bakery and Snack Foods

Plastic & Wood Trays
Only 1st Class Material

Treiber Trays offers the best of both worlds. Whether you prefer the proven natural product wood or use plastic trays. Treiber Trays guarantees first-class material: the hardest wood and high-strength glass reinforced plastic

Small & Large Quantities
We'll match your needs

Does your tray need to be tall or flat, 1,200 mm or 820 mm wide, made of wood or plastic? Our experience spans more than 1,000 different tray specifications and our plastic and wood processing technology offer a virtually unlimited range of variations.

Quick Delivery Times
From Germany > World

Whether you have a major long-term project or you need the replacement trays by tomorrow. Whether you require 200,000 trays or 2,000. Our production site in Heidelberg, Germany is close to major ports like Hamburg and Rotterdam and ensures quick delivery times.

Certified Food Safe Material > Safety First

Hygiene and safety are top priorities in your confectionery production. That’s why we use only certified wood and food approved plastic. Moreover, our trays are continuously subjected to laboratory testing.

Treiber Trays Company Worldwide Trays
Treiber Trays Mogul Plant
Treiber Trays Plastic 6 Opening In The Feet
Treiber Trays Plastic Design
Treiber Trays Plastic In Operation
Treiber Trays Plastic Rounded Corner
Treiber Trays Stacked
Treiber Trays Wood
Treiber Trays Starch Tray Stage Plastic

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